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Dom GrevesI specialise in wildlife, conservation and environmental subjects.

My work has been used by organisations including the BBC, BBC Wildlife Magazine, BBC Countryfile Magazine, The Guardian, Dorling Kindersley, RSPB, Wildlife Trusts, National Trust, Butterfly Conservation, Buglife and Natural England.

I was shortlisted in the international Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Most images shown on this site can be bought or licensed online for personal, editorial or commercial use. Framed prints and other print products are also available on request. 

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Recent Projects

Buglife postcard

Buglife: Glow Worm Survey

Buglife used my image of this remarkable bioluminescent beetle in their postcard campaign publicising a glow worm survey in Scotland.

Glow worms are widely distributed in the UK, with records from the south of England up to the very north in Scotland, but there have been very few Scottish records in recent years.

Dorset Life magazine

Dorset Life: Hunters

4-page photo essay for Dorset Life magazine.

Featuring the kestrel, adder, red fox, otter, sundew, kingfisher and hornet robberfly.

Talbot Heath

Talbot Heath Inquiry

Photographic survey on behalf of the RSPB and Natural England, documenting the landscape, flora & fauna, human visitors and urban effects on this SSSI heathland site, for use at public inquiry.

The scope of this project was expanded to document the large fire at nearby Upton Heath in the summer of 2011.

RSPB interp panels

RSPB Panels

The RSPB’s reserve at Arne in Dorset recently requested the use of my wetland wildlife photos for their new seasonal interpretation panels and commissioned a panoramic landscape image to highlight landmarks visible from their stunning observation point on high ground overlooking Poole Harbour.

Featured here are the southern hawker dragonfly, osprey, wasp spider, raft spider and marsh harrier, all of which can be found on the Arne reserve at various times of the year.

BBC Wildlife Magazine

BBC Wildlife Magazine: Peregrine

The April 2012 edition of BBC Wildlife Magazine featured one of my peregrine shots to illustrate an article about the remarkable international success of this bird across a variety of different habitats.

The image of a juvenile peregrine in flight along the Dorset coast was taken last summer.

BBC Autumnwatch Osprey

BBC Nature: Osprey

The BBC Nature UK team chose this photograph of a wild osprey to illustrate an article on autumn migration, which ran concurrently with the Autumnwatch TV series in 2010.

A small number of ospreys are regular visitors to Arne on the shores of Poole Harbour each year, as they build up strength before continuing south on their journey to Africa for the winter.

Durlston Virtual Tour

Jurassic Coast Virtual Tour

Durlston Country Park commissioned an interactive virtual tour for the Park website in order to interpret the site and attract new visitors.

Durlston lies on the 'Jurassic Coast' and forms part of the UNESCO Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site.

Dorset Meadow 365

Wildflower Meadow 365

Durlston Country Park and NNR asked me to document the changing face of a traditional Dorset wildflower meadow over the course of a year.

From early spring until late summer I observed the changing face of Oxeye Meadow and its inhabitants, producing portraits of individual species, immersive 360 degree interactive panoramas, and filmed short video journeys through this mini-jungle, for the Durlston website and visitor centre.

Durlston promo leaflet

Durlston NNR

Durlston needed to redesign and update their main promotional leaflet to reflect their new designation as a National Nature Reserve.

My photographic work for this publication included numerous images of the Park landscape, its staff, visitors, historic landmarks and wild inhabitants. A comprehensive archive of Park images was also made available to the public under a Creative Commons licence.

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